What’s up?

The price of gold. That’s what!

Gold is back over $1,200 an ounce as of the writing of this blog.

I am old school and we used to live and die by the price of gold. If gold was high then doctors complained and tried to ask how much a gold crown would cost or how much a pfm bridge would be. Of course we were just estimating because the real cost came out when we weighed the gold. As a lab we felt sheepish about charging so much for a crown. And the dentist did not help because he made us feel bad charging that much for a crown also.

Now we have abandoned the very best restoration Dentistry has ever known. We did this because of price and Aesthetics. An interesting concept if we are trying to do the very best Dentistry we can possibly do. We are throwing out the most functional and long lasting restoration and material that has ever been put in a mouth. We are doing this because we are vain and cost-conscious.

What does this say about us as Dental consumers? Or as the dental profession?

As of the last few months my laboratory produces 2/3 zirconia Restorations and 1/3 Emax and pfm combined. We are steadily moving away from any kind of metal but especially gold. That would have to be because of cost. I hope that the public is well-served by taking this route. This direction is dictated by insurance companies and consumers demanding cosmetics and lower cost.

In my experience if you make a decision based on vain Cosmetics or a lower cost it usually turns out poorly.

Just sayin.

Scott Emett