I tried “Best Labs”, this is what happened

I have been in the dental industry for 40 years and owned a dental lab for 37 of those years. The key to owning a successful laboratory back in the day was relationships. If you could do a good amount of your work at night so that you had a couple of good hours in the day to call on clients, your lab was successful. But if you stayed at the bench and didn’t go reinforce your relationships, all too soon you would notice a drop in work. Your client perceived that you stopped caring about them, when just the opposite is true.

Marketing with study clubs, treats, lunch, newsletters, magazine ads, trade shows, and publishing articles was great back then and it is great now. Over the past 6 months I have even brought on a full time salesman to do what I just couldn’t do.

What is that?

Get a potential client to contact me!

When a potential client contacts me because they have heard about me, or because they were referred to me, or maybe they went over some reviews and ratings and decided that my lab fits their profile, now we are getting somewhere.

This client may ask about fees but he is not basing his decision on the price of a crown. He is basing his decision on other benefits my lab offers that his practice needs.

I decided to become involved with Best Labs because of these reasons.

I was hesitant because experience has taught me the hard way to be careful and expect nothing. I was correct in expecting nothing, for a couple of days. On the 3rd day I received an inquiry and I was stoked  out of my mind. I calmly answered him. He was interested in implant restorations and we specialize in those. I am in Utah and he is clear across the country in Tennessee. There is no other way we could have connected, hats off to Best Labs! This was over 2 months ago and he sends a little more work every week!

Every day or two I will receive another inquiry. I am always tweaking my landing page a little,  just to keep all the potential clients I can. Right now I get half of all inquiries to send a case. Then I work hard to impress them and build a long distance relationship. There is not another way in the world a small (12 man lab) could realize this kind of national success.

I was spending more on my salesman than I spend with Best Labs. With him gone it’s like I am getting Best Labs for free.

It may be perfect timing as the millennials start taking over practices, because they google everything. In 37 years I have never seen anything this valuable to a dental lab.

Just saying!

Scott Emett



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