What do our clients say about it?

“Riverside’s use of Invisible Abutments allow me to cement crowns at the gingival level reducing the risk of damaging the implant. The emergence profile is more natural, and if the patient experiences any recession, there is still no discoloration. I’ve had great experiences with Riverside and their Invisible Abutments. It’s a pleasure to deliver such high quality and cosmetic restorations.”

-Dr. William Plumb, Utah

The Invisible Abutment System is an incredibly strong, beautiful abutment with our signature Emax restoration.
Simplicity is the key. No more stress, no need to worry, no cause for “implant anxiety”. The abutment and crown will seat perfectly every time and the aesthetics are always stunning.

We cover every concern about seating an implant abutment and restoration.  We are so confident in the Invisible Abutment System that we back the abutment, the screw, and the restoration with a 10 year guarantee.

The substructure is titanium coated with ceramic for the ultimate in strength and beauty. Many times stronger than zirconia, titanium is the ideal material. But the secret is in the ceramic coating and the beautiful ceramic margin that fits together seamlessly with the Emax crown.

Why is all of this important?

  1. The number one reason is easy cement cleanup. When the margin is at tissue level or even supragingival the cement clean up is a breeze. Then you are not worried about implant failure from excess cement.
  2. The titanium is used because zirconia is weak and it fractures in this high stress environment. When the Invisible Abutment System is delivered there are no worries about a zirconia abutment fracturing.
  3. The aesthetics are incredible.

Riverside Dental Studio has the experience and the dedication to excellence that sets them apart from other dental labs. They are second to none in implant design and restoration. When it has to be right – Riverside Dental Studio.

  • Strength of Titanium, Esthetics of Ceramics

  • Abutment is Exact Shade of Final Crown

  • Margins at Tissue Level for Easy Cement Clean-up

  • Even in Cases of Gingival Recession the appearance is still very esthetic

  • Highly Predictable Results