The 1st Key to Financial Success

The most powerful profit tool is not an instrument and it’s not equipment. It appears totally on it’s own in some individuals. It can be learned and practiced by almost anyone but it will always be the most effective for the people it comes natural to.

The 1st key to financial success is elusive to most people. It goes against their core personality and makes them highly uncomfortable. But if it comes natural to you, you really don’t realize you are using it.

Eventually almost every financially successful person will have to use it. To be really successful you would use it all the time. It almost always builds self esteem and cash. The sooner you learn it and use it, the sooner the pay off. The longer you wait and the more you put it off, the less the pay off.

There is no easy way and there are no shortcuts.


Confrontation does not cost anything so there is no upfront investment. Confrontation builds your self esteem. The more you use it the better you get and the more sure of yourself you become. You develop what is termed as confrontational tolerence.

Start a high confrontation marketing project in your practice immediately.  Ask every happy patient for a referral. Ask them to give you the name and phone number now. Tell your patients what they need to have done in their mouth to restore them back to ideal. Sometimes you may turn a patient off but other times they will want to restore their mouth and follow your treatment plan. Something you would not have been able to do had you not presented the plan to them. And you presented the plan because you decided to be stronger in your confrontation.

You will build skill as you continue to use confrontation. In fact you will find that using a good amount of confrontation in most areas of your life will improve your life and help you get what you want.

Let’s just say there is an employee that no one gets along with but you think that she controls a good amount of your patients. She has always been a superstar but she steps on other employees and has become a drudgery to work with. You are afraid to let her go but you are sure that is what needs to happen. The longer you put it off and avoid confrontation the worst everything gets. You even start to lose the confidence of your other employees. Other employees may consider quitting to go work in a better environment.

The sooner you confront the issue the higher the payoff. The longer you wait, the less the payoff and the more damage is done. In this one example you can see that confrontation is very valuable and the sooner the better. This applies in confronting your patients and confronting your suppliers and most all of the dealings in business. There is a price for financial success.

Just remember that the secret to failure is trying to make everyone like you. Don’t worry about that because you cannot please everyone. Thinking about confrontation causes a fear of rejection, but get over that. Go ahead and do what is a little bit scary. Go ahead and try what might hurt. Just remember that your financial success depends on confrontation. It’s really not how hard you work, or the hours that you put in, or how nice you are, or even how many patients come in the door. It is how much you confront. Confrontation is the key to financial success. Start your confrontational program in your practice today. In a short amount of time it will pay off. You will start to get more patients from referrals that you asked for, and you will start to get more big cases, or the cases that you present.

After you read this you will begin to look for an easy way to make this work. You may try to delegate it to staff. Don’t do that! You are the leader, you are the one to get it done. In fact you are the one that has to do it. Start your confrontational program now in all things concerned with your practice. Confrontation will build your practice. Confrontation builds cash and it will also build your self esteem. Get started with you confrontational program today and start enjoying your financial success.

Scott Emett

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