Culture Quiz

Please take this short survey. This is for you as the manager or owner to assess where your laboratory stands on an awesome culture scale. Answer each question with a number assignment 1-10. ”1” being very poor or never, and “10” being awesome or always!

1. As a leader, I am upbeat and positive at work
2. As a leader, I say "please" and "thank you" to every request
3. As a leader, I am open, honest, transparent, and accessible
4. As a leader, I highly value each employee
5. As a leader I know my employee’s spouse’s or significant other’s names, how many children they have, their hobbies, & where they went on their last vacation
6. The employees gather for lunch (provided by the company) with no speaker or agenda. Just to eat together, laugh, talk, and get to know each other. (Recommended every 3 months)
7. As a leader, I meet with each employee to discuss job satisfaction, salary, job security, promotion options, production goals, & job evaluation
8. The company hosts an annual Christmas party
9. The company hosts an annual summer bbq
10. Each employee feels loyalty to the company and fellow employees

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