Get anteriors straight with the easy face bow

Have you ever been ready to seat a beautiful anterior case, in full anticipation of knocking it out of the park? You try on each precious restoration just imagining how thrilled your patient will be. As you set the patient up and hand her a mirror, you are horrified to see that her beautiful new teeth are slanted to the left. Quickly you tilt her head to compensate, and when that doesn’t work you reach up to firmly seat each crown but they are already seated.
What went wrong? How do you fix it? How do you keep it from happening again?

What went wrong was communication with your laboratory. How do you fix it? You cannot fix it, it is a remake. How do you keep it from ever happening again? Simple, just use the EASY face bow technique. You hate Facebows? Yes you are not alone. Facebows are difficult to use, expensive, they make the patient uncomfortable, and a good third of the time they are inaccurate.

The EASY face bow is easy to use, cheap, the patient doesn’t mind, and they are accurate on any articulator almost 100% of the time.20150410_140019

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Use the EASY facebow every time you send an upper anterior case to your laboratory. It will solve any potential slanting problem and that is well worth the extra 3 minutes to take this record. You will love your lab and your patients will love you.

Here is how;
Use fast setting impression or bite taking material. Get a popsicle stick or a long Q-tip. Have the patient stand up in front of horizontal blinds, shelves, or wallpaper. Place the bite material on the lower anterior with an excess on the facial and on the lower lip. Have the patient bite into it. Orient the stick horizontally correct according to the pupils with a little help from the horizontal lines behind them. With the stick placed into the material, anterior to the teeth, setting on the patient’s lower lip and not in the bite. The laboratory simply affixes the bite to the lower cast and orients the horizontal stick even with the bench top. This is brilliant and it works almost 100% of the time.

Utilize the easy face bow today!

Scott Emett

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