Dental Lab Price List

The dental lab price list seems to be the 1st thing that readers hunt for when they get information on a laboratory. Why is that?

  1. The dental lab price list is a strong indication of the quality of the laboratory’s work. (This is not the answer most readers expected)
  2. The dental lab price list is an immediate comparison with other labs. Very few labs want to be compared in this manner (price only) so they do not list thier prices on initial contact.
  3. The dental lab price list indicates the range of products offered.
  4. The dental lab price list is highly interesting to competitors.
  5. Many times an office manager has been asked to hunt down a dental lab price list in an effort to find a cheaper alternative to what is currently being used.

Many readers are interested in this post because they are hoping to get the price list for any dental lab, just for starters. Perhaps that reader is you. You googled “dental lab price list” hoping to find a base price on lab products.

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Dental Lab Price List Interesting Fact

Here is an interesting fact. Out West, here in Utah, our prices are fairly low compared to the same products and same quality of a lab back East. Riverside Dental Studio is a very high end, high quality dental lab. We are very innovative as you can tell by our website and the Invisible Abutment System. Yet, our prices are lower than a comparable lab back East.

We are obviously an implant dental lab. Implants take an incredible amount of time and training and experience to fabricate correctly. And it takes time, money, training, and dedication to stay up with this fast moving area of dentistry.

Still, just like all the other labs, we will be judged by our prices.

We are not trying to compete for the lowest price and we certainly don’t want to be considered a high priced lab. I have been in this business for 37 years and my reputation speaks for itself. We are known for fair prices and excellent work.

I hope that the lab price list that you were seeking when you found this post means a lot less to you now. If you are seeking low prices, it is clear that we are not the lab for you. If you were seeking exceptionally high quality and just wanted to know the price, you are in the right place. This time it works in my favor. You may be expecting much higher prices for comparative high quality lab work.

Personally, I love seeing a price list for dental labs. I judge that lab harshly (for no good reason) on their product offerings, and on the perceived value of thier products based solely on the price. I have not seen, touched, or experienced the products in any way.  After I see a dental lab price list I immediately pigeonhole that lab into a preconceived category. If their price is too low then they probably send to China or employ terrible technicians making their crowns. If the price is too high then we are getting ripped off and there’s no way a crown could be that good. If the price is in the middle then it seems a little more fair.

Not really any of the two above scenarios could be true about the middle of the road price. But if it is a middle-of-the-road price then maybe the lab is just nothing special. Maybe it’s just good enough. Maybe it’s not fantastic in anything or too terrible in anything. We all want to avoid anything that is too terrible. But our curiosity is piqued if there are some high priced products. Could they actually be worth the money? We almost don’t know until we try.

Are Dental Lab Pricing Lists Just Suggestions?

It is common knowledge that sometimes a dental lab price list is just a suggestion, especially with smaller labs. When they speak to a large account then immediately the price goes out the window if the account asks for a lower price or big discounts because they do such a big volume.

Sometimes when a lab owner talks to a prosthodontist and they realize it’s going to take them 3 times as long to do his crown as it is to do their normal work, he will raise the price of those units. Thus making the dental lab price list pretty much obsolete.

There are so many types of implants and so many types of abutments for them, and so many different kinds of gold and metal, and so many different kinds of ceramic, and so many different types of CAD CAM and ways to design and mill that there is no way that one price fits all. It certainly boils down to communication and being able to meet the needs of the client. What services can the lab offer that are unique to just them?

dental lab price list

Is a Price List Obsolete Now?

Is the dental lab price list really obsolete now? Does the price list even exist anymore? It is responsible for many decisions that are made by a potential client. Decisions about the lab and its perceived value and whether or not they even want to try that lab’s work. This makes a big dilemma for a lab owner to publish a price list. He has to be exactly sure what he wants to say about his business.

I am glad that business was mentioned! Because the dental lab price list is simply about business. A dental lab needs to make a profit just like any business or they cease to exist. It is a little complicated but the homework should be done to set the price list. Questions like what is the overhead? How expensive are your employees? How much do you need to spend on collateral? Things such as advertising and lunches and gas in your delivery car, and all of the hundreds of small things that it takes for a business to run successfully day today. A modest profit should be built in for the owners and profit sharing, and putting running expenses away for a rainy day.

Looking at a dental lab price list through these eyes makes things look a little different. Now, if you see a super low price you can just hope that the lab will still be open in 6 months. If you see a super high price then you have to wonder if they are overlooking Central Park in a fancy building with amazing high salaried technicians. Did they just build in a ton of profit for an egotistical owner?

A few larger labs have several tiers of pricing for pretty much the same product. That is called perceived value. You can buy their bottom line crown and you can bet it will look pretty good and seat perfectly. There can be up to $100 difference if you go up a couple of tiers for the same unit. They are just trying to justify their higher prices.

Riverside Dental Studio Price List

A dental lab price list for Riverside Dental Studio does exist. In fact I will list out some of our basic prices. I am hoping you the reader did not just skip the last few paragraphs and go right to the price list. I attempted to reveal some insight into a dental lab price list and all that goes into building one.

It is simple and includes the main things we do at the lab. But it does not include everything by a long shot. Because the other stuff is boring and makes a big long list.

A dental lab price list should be on every dental laboratory website. But the owner or governing group in large laboratories is not brave enough or sure enough of themselves to throw the prices out there. Since it has been proven that it really does not bring in more business, there will not be any change soon in the practice of hiding prices.

Feel free to call and ask any questions about this price list. Maybe the question of “why did the price jump so much for a layered anterior crown? ” or something like” why are your prices so low, or like why are your prices so high?”

My name is Scott Emett. Please give me a call and I will explain. I will also tell you about our superior service and incredible communication.

A dental lab price list by Scott Emett.
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