Dental Implant Lab

Riverside Dental Studio is the ideal implant dental lab. Why?

What sets us apart from all the other labs? What makes Riverside DS a dental implant lab? Why choose Riverside DS as your implant dental lab?

We Create Perfection In Our Dental Implants

To create perfection as a dental implant lab, you must routinely do the things other labs can not do or are unwilling to do. An implant dental lab puts implant restoration first. In our continuing education we choose restoring implants as our priority. We seek out the best instructors whether they are dentists or lab specialists. We especially pursue good CE that is offered to dentists. As we learn along side and shoulder to shoulder with dentists, the value is huge because this puts us all on the same page.

We Speak Your Language

This gets us speaking the same language. We learn and apply exactly what you learn and apply. You depend on us to provide exactly what you are expecting.  As an implant dental lab, that is exactly what we do.

Riverside Dental Studio is the dental implant lab you can rely on.

  1. We practice immediate communication in every situation. If we have a question or comment we will contact your office immediately.
  2. Just like any specialist, we do what we do best, all day long. That gives us incredible experience in our area of focus and expertise.
  3. As a dedicated implant dental lab we are innovative and we are great problem solvers.
  4. We are members of the AACD. We are members of four study clubs. Scott Emett, the owner is the director of the Seattle Study Club of Southern Utah and the Just For Hygienists Study Club.
  5. We love what we do. We enjoy working together as a team for a common goal.

dental implant lab

The Implant Dental Lab

We teach implant restoration to dentists and their offices. We teach how to fabricate immediate temporaries. We teach tissue management, contour,  emergence profile,  material selection, abutment selection, how to utilize a seating guide, impression taking, shade selection, case selection, how to talk to patients about implants, confrontational tolerence, creating staff confidence and enjoying the profits from your implant practice.

We Are Teachers

Teaching and fielding questions on a certain subject strengthens and adds to the teachers knowledge and abilities. It is a proven fact that as you study and research and teach and execute, your abilities grow immensely. That is a main reason that we are so involved in study clubs and Lunch and Learn office visits.

The Bar Has Been Raised

Many laboratories have a website and marketing materials. Not one laboratory advertises implant work as thier primary focus. The bar has been raised substantially in the last few years because the implant Dental Lab of the present and future must create perfection.

The dental implant lab you choose must understand the many differences between fabricating implant restorations and fabricating fixed restorations on normal teeth.

As a premier dental implant lab, Riverside Dental Studio provides the excellence you expect. Everyday we are adding beauty, strength, and longevity to our clients’ implant restorations. The bottom line is that it adds to our clients’ bottom line. Profit always follows delivering great work. The Riverside DS guarantee is that we will be your partner and hold up our end in delivering excellence.

Strength And Beauty in The Esthetic Zone

  • The Invisible Abutment System.
  • The Invisible Abutment System solves the common problems of normal implants. The problems have become so accepted that sometimes dentists don’t even notice or think about it. Yet the results of these problems can be devastating.

Excess Cement Solution

Excess cement is the culprit that causes implant failures. How does this happen?
Simply filling the temporary restoration or the final restoration with cement, temporary or permanent will start the problem of excess cement. A natural tooth has tissue and ligament attached to the dentin right below the cemento-enamel junction.  It won’t let cement past. Plus it is a living area that repels foreign material. An implant can attach, to a point, and when? When you apply pressure to seat a crown on an implant abutment and the excess cement extruded out of the margin and down the implant, what happens? That cement begins picking up bacteria and ruining the Osseo integration and tissue attachment.

How do we avoid this common problem?

  1. Prescribe and place screw retained restorations. (Riverside DS, the implant dental lab is excellent at screw retained restorations)
  2. Prescribe custom abutments with  supragingival margins for simple cement clean-up. (Yes, Riverside DS,  the dental implant lab, mills or casts incredible custom abutments)
  3. Prescribe the Invisible Abutment System.

If the angle won’t allow a zirconia abutment or a screw retained restoration,  and you are working in the esthetic zone, what are the options?  The best option is the Invisible Abutment System.

What is it?

  • A.  The abutment is ceramic coated metal. Super strong and the perfect color, matching the final restoration exactly.  Brilliant!
  • B.   The restoration is our Signature eMax, (layered and incredibly gorgeous) matching seamlessly in fit and shade to the Invisible Abutment.
  • C.   Undetectable,  supragingival margins make the Invisible Abutment System the answer to many esthetic dilemmas.

Please visit the Invisible Abutment System area on this website for more information and pictures.

Riverside DS – The Implant Dental Lab

The implant dental lab of the present and future is Riverside DS.

Why should you care? Simply make one call and discuss a case with Scott or Sean. Or send a simple starter case just to test the water.

What’s In It For You?

Too much to list. Let’s ask a different question.

What component of the implant restoration is the most expensive. The restoring dentist. Who’s time is the most valuable? The restoring dentist. Who saves time (money) when a case is predictable and seats as expected? Who looks great and can expect referrals from awsome cases? The restoring dentist. Who stands to loose his shirt if the case does not go as expected? The restoring dentist.  Who looses his shirt if any implant restoration turns into a remake? You got it…YOU! The restoring dentist.

10 Year Guarantee

An implant dental lab should stand behind all of thier products. Riverside Dental Studio guarantees the abutment and restoration for 10 years!
A dental implant lab should provide highly predictable results. If we are involved from the very beginning in treatment planning, including a diagnostic wax up,  surgical guide, impression type, and open communication on desired outcomes and shading, the case is guaranteed to seat and achieve the desired results. This is what we do every day.
Are you ready for a new experience with an implant dental lab?
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