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The Secret to Loving Dentistry Every Day

by Kyle Patton, associate editor, Dentaltown magazine OFFICE HIGHLIGHTS Name and credentials: Tuan Pham, DDS Graduated from: University of Texas, Health Science Center at San Antonio Practice name: Circle C Dental, Austin, Texas Practice size: 2,093 square feet Staff: One dentist; two PRN dentists for specialty procedures; two hygienists; two front desk staffers; two assistants Website: circlecdental.com As […]

How To Get What You Want

Coaching · · · How would you like to increase your income this year? Take two minutes and follow me through this little exercise and I’ll show you how to get what you want. How much did you make last year? How much will you make this year? How much would you like to make […]

Stop waiting for something to change

A local dentist that is a good friend of mine had two people working his front desk. They were nice to patients and made you feel good when you walked in. But they had an attitude with the dentist and with the assistants in the back.  The rest of the staff was starting to notice […]

Why dental offices go digital. It’s not what you think!

      Newsletter from Riverside Dental Studio We create perfection March 1, 2017 No more analog Impressions? Yes, it’s true…almost. There will be a need for impression material in certain restorative challenges for years to come. Until an intra oral scanner can see through tissue & blood, impression material is still needed. But why […]

Perfect adjacent contacts

Perfect adjacent contacts Grinding on the contacts of your restoration is frustrating to say the least. There are a truck load of bad problems that comes with it. Naming a few of the first ones that come to mind; Wasted time! Time is money. Compromising the strength and finish of the restoration. Having to polish […]

The Invisible Implant Abutment System

The Invisible Abutment System is the strongest, most esthetic restorative option for implants today.   What are the implant restoration challenges we face every day? #1   EXCESS RESIDUAL CEMENT Close to 80% of implant failures are attributed to excess cement. Cement retained restorations are the standard for restoring dental implants.   Therein lies the problem. Quoting […]

The zirconia lies

Zirconia replaces gold? Zirconia can not replace gold! In fact, nothing replaces gold. If a patient bruxes and there is very little occlusal clearance, fabricate a gold restoration!!! Zirconia is a poor substitute for gold. Some laboratories advertise their zirconia to be used instead of gold. In fact they are proud to say that their […]

The Daily Grind

Why do you always have to grind and adjust new restorations to get them seated? It’s frustrating for sure. It feels like you have been betrayed by your lab. It feels like your lab does not care about you. It is embarrassing to grind on a beautiful new crown in front of your patient. The […]

The Seattle Study Club of Southern Utah

The Seattle Study Club of Southern Utah has the amazing reputation of providing cutting edge continuing education. Unprecedented for a study club in Southern Utah! Continuing education in dentistry has reached a new level world wide, and now in Southern Utah.  6 years and going strong, the Seattle Study Club of Southern Utah is the […]