The Seattle Study Club of Southern Utah

The Seattle Study Club of Southern Utah has the amazing reputation of providing cutting edge continuing education.

Unprecedented for a study club in Southern Utah!

Continuing education in dentistry has reached a new level world wide, and now in Southern Utah.  6 years and going strong, the Seattle Study Club of Southern Utah is the first continuing education in dentistry to last more than a few months.

Of course the reasons are many. Starting with the plain fact that the dental community (the top 30 dentists) in Southern Utah have a strong desire to build on the education that they have gained so far in their careers. Seattle3

Providing a mingle time, a superb dinner with lots of visiting, and hosting a presenter at the top of his

Seattle Study Club of Southern Utah

Seattle Study Club of Southern Utah


field for 2 to 3 hours is the agenda. There are 9 of these evening meetings annually, and we take the 3 summer months off. There are 2 to 3 lunch and learn meetings in the same 9 months. The venues are different every meeting for variety, and they are always incredible in their offerings. The things they have in common are always great food, plenty of room, exceptionally good A.V., and attentive hosts.

This particular continuing education for dentists is as varied as the venues.  The fundamentals are revisited often such as diagnosis and treatment planning. The materials and techniques in dentistry are changing and growing faster than ever before. The Seattle Study Club of Southern Utah is dedicated to keeping the members abreast of the latest in laser, x ray, painless, and digital dentistry, just to name a few topics.

The continuing education in dentistry in the Seattle Study Club of Southern Utah is truly second to none. It is a tried and true model of almost 30 years.

The meetings are designed for the members to learn from each other, noting clinical successes, failures, and approaches to business. The meetings also bring well known national presenters in to an intimate setting that allows for questions and answers that could never happen any place else. Taking into account just the few opportunities and high level continuing education that has been mentioned, it’s easy to surmise that the value to members is priceless.

If you are not in Southern Utah, I recommend that you look up and join the nearest Seattle Study Club to you. Count on the excellence that has been mentioned, but count on other things also. Perhaps the true value of continuing education is the higher level of confidence you feel with your staff and patients, and the rejuvenating of your spirit and re-dedication to your chosen career.

Scott Emett


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