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March 1, 2017

No more analog


Yes, it’s true…almost.

There will be a need for impression material in certain restorative challenges for years to come.

Until an intra oral scanner can see through tissue & blood, impression material is still needed.

But why this wholesale movement to the CAD-CAM and digital world?

There are many reasons to be considered, like;

  • It’s really cool
  • Needing to keep up with the Joneses
  • If my peer offers it then I need to
  • Very convincing sales guy
  • Digital is more accurate

But the one main reason is the perceived expense of doing business with a dental laboratory.  This is the big selling point most companies use. They even claim to not be in competition with laboratories!

Obviously these claims are not true. Even the claim of a one hour crown is rarely possible. Maybe a one hour crown can






happen if everything goes exactly as intended, after the team has learned the ropes. But usually you have to cut a corner or two in order to slide in at one hour.

Now that we are laying cards on the table let’s keep in mind what all of this is for… The success of your dental practice! And what do you demand from a laboratory (or an in-office mill) PREDICTABLE OUTCOMES!

Even with an in-office machine you are limited as to what you can successfully design and mill. Single crowns will be the easiest to design, mill, sinter, and seat. Two or three posterior crowns in a row can be a time consuming nightmare as you try to get the occlusion and adjacent contacts right. Bridge design and mill takes a lot of experience to be proficient. The hardest thing is anterior restorations. Unless it’s a single crown with a basic shade, it will not be acceptable to most dentists. All of these things will end up going to the lab. It’s best if you just impress and send it to the lab in the first place, instead of making an expensive try and ending up having to send it to a lab anyway. Keeping in mind the golden standard that must be in place to realize a profit. PREDICTABLE OUTCOMES!

The cad-cam company’s big ace in the hole is the cost. They claim to be far less in cost than sending to a lab.

The truth is when all the costs are figured in, everything has to go perfect, or the cost of in office milling gets out of control in a hurry.






An example of this is when you have to stop and do any part of this yourself, the costs sky rocket. Always delegate this lab technician work. If you find yourself being a lab technician, sell the machine ASAP! Your time is far too expensive to waste it touching the fabrication of a crown.

Another example is when a well -meaning employee puts the wrong material, wrong shade, or simply designs the restoration slightly short of the margin, or over or under contoured in any area. A slightly over contoured adjacent contact will give you 30 minutes of chairside adjustment. The wrong material or shade will cause a remake. Now you are losing time and money. The cost of this restoration suddenly became far more than your laboratory fee.

Breaking down the true cost of doing business without your lab.

Monthly payment…..$3000.00 divided by 50 crowns per month = $60.00 per crown. 50 crowns is a lot, especially considering that you can’t design and mill everything. The rule is, can we design and mill this restoration guaranteeing PREDICTABLE OUTCOMES?

The eMax or zirconia block is minimum $25.00.

The $20.00 per hour person scanning, designing, choosing the correct block, milling, changing burs, performing maintenance, sintering, glazing, and fine tuning in the mouth before you get there hopefully does this in 30 minutes. That = $10.00.





If at any time you, the dentist, steps into the production of a crown, you have lost money. At $400 t0 $800 production per hour minimum having to be produced by your hands only, the math is simple. It cost you $100 or more if you take 10 minutes more with that crown than with a lab crown.

$60                                payment

$25                                 block

$10                                  employee

$5                                  burs, maintenance

$100.00 total if nothing goes wrong and you don’t even think about it. If you alter your routine in any way, the cost of your in-office restoration skyrockets.

If anything is wrong or fractures it is covered by your lab. Not by your mill!

(When you are finished paying off the mill and scanner they will be obsolete and fully worn out)


How to bring the latest cad-cam technology into your practice, for far less money & risk;

Simply become partners with Riverside Dental Studio with the intra-oral scanner of your choice.

Riverside pays half the cost of your scanner!

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You get into cutting edge technology without any financial risk. (Except ½ monthly payment on scanner)

Riverside Dental Studio has specialized in cad-cam technology for over 11 years. Our expertise assures you of excellent restorations right from your first scan.

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If you are not quite ready to pull the trigger on an intra oral scanner, great news!

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