What is more important than being honest? Honestly?
Not much!
An honest man is a natural leader. People trust him, they know where he stands, and that trust creates a bond. This bond enhances loyalty.
At home stay completly honest with your wife, children, neighbors, and friends.
At work be completly honest with your patients, your employees, vendors, and everyone that you come into contact with.
Sports, activities, church, hobbies, volunteering, and anything else you do, tell the truth. Be honest!
I have a friend who will call a couple of times a week to set up lunch or just talk about family stuff. Sometimes he will say, “where are you?”
Sometimes he will spot me walking into a store or just driving down the road. If I answered back untruthfully he would know in a second. Even if i thought to myself I don’t want to be obligated to do something right now and responded with a little white lie, or maybe I just think it’s nobody’s business so respond in generalities, shame on me.
Now he wonders if I would lie about something as silly as my location at the moment, would I be truthful about big things?
My reputation as well as my friendship would be on the line with my best friend.
How silly.
In business if you try to lie about something to make more profit you will be exposed at some point. You will loose your good reputation and good clients.
It is painstakingly slow and laborious to build a strong reputation. It can take only a few minutes to ruin it.
Years ago, two brothers ages 14 & 11 were watching the weekly jackpot at the arena one half of a mile from their home.
It was a small town and everyone knew everyone.
The jackpot was a simple contest between cowboys in the area. They would each put in money on their events. Then they would compete for the jack pot.
The brothers would walk around and talk to the cowboys and sometimes help with some events.
It was a summer night and getting close to midnight as the cowboys were finishing up. The brothers headed home walking in the dark. Suddenly a pick up truck pulled up behind them. The man driving was a little drunk and very mad. He began yelling at the boys for opening his gates and letting his cows out. He was mad because it took him hours to get the cows back in their corral. He was furious that two no account boys would show so little responsibility and be so mean, showing a high level of disrespect to him personally.

The brothers were surprised when he started yelling because they thought he was just going to pull up and have a neighborly conversation. When he begin swearing and accusing, they both started to run in the direction of their home. He started his truck up and stayed right behind them, so they cut through the rocks and sagebrush on a shortcut home. As they went over a hill the headlights from the truck disappeared. Although they could not see him they were sure he was headed to their home. They arrived out of breath and ran into the house to find their dad. He was sitting in his easy chair reading a book. He looked up, alarmed as the boys came rushing in. They said that a guy in a pickup truck (they were pretty sure his name was Lee) was very very upset with them and was following them home. So the dad got up and walked outside just as Lee pulled up. He started yelling saying those boys need to be punished. They opened my gate and let all of my cattle out. It has taken me over an hour to put them all back in. He knew it was these two brothers because he saw them out by his Corral. And when he ask them about it they just took off running. He was absolutely positive that those two brothers were guilty. The dad looked at him and then he looked at his sons. He asked them if they had been over to Lee’s Corrals and if they opened that gate and let the cattle out. He watched carefully as they answered. They said no, we were not anywhere near his Corrales. We would never open a gate and let cattle out and we sure did not do that tonight. The dad asked where the boys had been. They said they had been up at the arena watching the jackpot Ropers and Cowboys. The dad turned to Lee in his truck and said they did not open your gate and let your cattle out. In fact they were not anywhere near your corrals. So you need to turn around and leave now, and I will forget you ever came over here.

You can bet those brothers were highly relieved that their father believed what they said. They were also glad that they had dealt honestly and been truthful with their parents all of the time. Their father trusted them over anything else or anyone else. That kind of trust is priceless.

I hope we are all building that kind of trust at home and in our business life.  That reputation is worth more than gold.

Scott Emett

Today’s dentist takes a step backwards

A dental student graduating in the late 1800s and early 1900s was taught to make his own restorations (gold) and removable (early acrylic) appliances.
In his practice he treated his patients in part of his day, and then fabricated restorations and appliances in the rest of his day. He just thought that was how things worked.
Somewhere in the early nineteen-hundreds a light bulb came on in someone’s brain. It is not known if a dentist decided to hire someone to do his restorations or if someone decided to start the career of a dental technician. But no matter how it very first happened, the fact is that as soon as dentists saw the value of having a commercial laboratory everything changed.

Commercial laboratories were springing up all over the country. The simple reason is that a dentist could make much more money in his day if he just saw and treated patients. The dentist left the job of fabricating restorations and appliances to a technician. In a very short time a dental technician became much more proficient at making these restorations then a dentist could ever hope to be.

The reason is simple, it is because dental technicians were making thousands of restorations and a dentist would just make a few restorations. Commercial laboratories got together and shared knowledge and techniques and materials and became even more proficient and offered super high quality, and fast service.
As an added bonus to the dental community, the manufacturers and suppliers and laboratories came up with new and better techniques and materials and restorative brilliance. They made a few small mistakes along the way but mostly their track record was flawless. Restorations became stronger and more lifelike.
The dental public demanded more esthetics and longevity and the laboratory community responded.

Commercial Laboratories have always responded to the call that the dental public was requesting. When dentists needed more help chair side to present cases or retro fit appliances or just custom shading, a technician was there at his beck and call.
The value of an experienced technician in comprehensive treatment planning can not be stressed enough.
In the past few years, a few dentists have forgotten about the success of team work and the value of a good commercial laboratory.
These few dentists have decided to go back 75 years and start doing their own laboratory work again. Mostly because of slick advertising and hard-working salesmen. They have been sold on buying miniature laboratories – put in their dental office. These laboratories are definitely not as good as a commercial laboratory. Yet, somehow they were convinced that the machine that costs over $100,000 will help them profit more.

Even when there has to be someone in their office being the dental technician. The dentist has opted to cut the commercial laboratory out of the equation. The only redeeming value is that they can make a crown within a couple of hours. But the fact is, that crown is not as esthetic or as strong as a crown produced by a laboratory.
The fact is that it is a small percentage of dentists that have actually bought into an in-office milling laboratory.
Dosn’t it seem like they are taking a step backwards in the progression of dentistry?

Scott Emett