100% Predictability

The ultimate client-retention program for dental labs. The most predictable results for dentists.

Dental Labs

As a lab owner of 40+ years, I know what it takes to run a successful dental lab. One of the most important things to get right is Client Retention. If you can’t retain your clients, you’ll never have consistent work and you’ll never grow. In my 100% Predictability course, I show you the proven methods I’ve used over the years to retain high-producing clients for decades and receive constant referrals.

Dental Offices

Your time is money. What if you could rely on your lab to consistently deliver crowns that seat in 5 minutes or less? We know that predictable work is profitable and energizing while unpredictable work drains your time and energy. Our 100% Predictability program was designed with both you and the dental lab in mind. We are experts at navigating this relationship.