Dear Doctor,

Thank you for taking a minute to read this letter. I believe it will be of great benefit to you and your practice. I believe, like you, that dentistry is a priceless benefit to the general public, providing much more value than they will realize. I believe our personal integrity will drive us to provide our highest excellence for each patient.

I happen to have a great dental lab. Here are 3 reasons why you should care.

1st Free intra-oral scanner (for digital impressions) if your practice produces 45 crowns or more in a month! Simply send your fixed restorations exclusively to Riverside Dental Studio in St. George, Utah. You will receive a brand new scanner complete with training and warranty. Call Scott at 435-703-2777 for more information.

2nd We fabricate all fixed restorative work with excellence, but we specialize in cosmetics, implant restorations, and all on 4 hybrid cases.

Cosmetics – Our cosmetic technicians have experience with LVI, Pac Live, and are currently in the AACD program.

Implant Restoration – We exclusively fabricate the Invisible Implant Abutment for predictable excellence in implant restoration. See this at Of course we fabricate and work with all other abutments and brands.

All on 4 hybrid – The frame is milled from a high performance polymer, the gingival is layered pink composite, and each crown is milled zirconia cemented on its own prep. It’s more life-like than acrylic, and far more beautiful and flexible than solid zirconia. 10 year guarantee!

3rd We are in Utah so we can charge less, yet produce excellent dentistry because of our belief in high integrity and that we truly help people.

That picture of the old, fat guy with his guitars is me.  I have a passion for guitars and I even play one once in a while. I have a big family and we love to get together for any excuse. I do a lot of service for my church and, of course, I have devoted 40 years of my life to dentistry. Currently I am the director of 2 study clubs because I believe in the value of continuing education and learning the same thing as my clients. I know we all have different interests that make each of us unique, but we all share in dentistry. Those of us that enjoy it commit to excellence every day, every patient.

If you believe what I believe, we should do some work together. I promise higher profits for your practice and an awesome lab experience.


Scott Emett